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Daily Meditation: Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interests, personal - which the disciple of an initiatic school must not defend at all cost

Disciples of an initiatic school are expected to be able to solve in a harmonious way the problems they have with those close to them; otherwise, they will create new karmas for themselves. Why do some people find it necessary to drag members of their own family into court over money matters? Can they not rise a little above that? Why do they have to cling so tightly to their interests or their possessions? Good Lord, all it needs is one move, and they'll be free! To begin with, of course, they won't be so keen to make that move; they'll suffer and it will grate on them. But if they can do so, they will discover new realms, new light, and no one will be prouder and happier, for they will have achieved something very difficult: they will have overcome their grasping, possessive lower nature. It is people's lower nature that continually advises them to defend their own interests tooth and nail, even if it means resorting to justice in court. And then they think they are capable of following a spiritual teaching! Well, they're not!

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov